Monday, February 14, 2011

Breaking Glass Pictures to Release Slamdance Best Doc Winner ‘American Jihadist’ on DVD

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the April 5 DVD release of director Mark Claywell’s documentary “American Jihadist.” The film, which follows the life story of American-born Muslim militant Isa Abdullah Ali, has played at over a dozen film festivals and won Best Documentary at last year’s Slamdance.

American soldier. Family man. Jihadist. Isa Abdullah Ali is a person of many identities and contradictions, but in the beginning, he was a bullied young boy growing up in America’s capital. At fifteen he joined the American army, and as a young man he converted to Islam and fought alongside the Amal militia and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Though the details of his past are murky, Isa claims to have killed more than 150 people in the fight to defend his faith.

Through Isa’s own words and those of family members, psychologists and political experts, this award-winning documentary attempts to decode the social and personal influences that can lead an individual down a path to radicalism. American Jihadist reaches beyond easy labels to grasp the nuances behind one man’s decision to fight — and kill — for his religion.
The DVD will also include behind-the-scenes featurettes.

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Breaking Glass Pictures’ QC Cinema Label to Release Gay Romantic Comedy ‘Alex and Leo’ on DVD

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the April 5 DVD release of Ives-Yuri Garate’s directorial debut “Alex and Leo.” The German language, gay-themed romantic comedy — which stars Marcel Schlutt (“Otto; or, up with Dead People,” “Unfaithful”) and premiered at the 2010 Philadelphia QFest — will be released under Breaking Glass’ QC Cinema film label.

The film begins on a Berlin summer day, when a chance encounter brings together two young men whose lives are in shambles. Alex (AndrĂ© Schneider) is coping with a broken heart after his deadbeat boyfriend cheats on him; Leo (Schlutt) is a media professional who can no longer hide the truth from his demanding, long-term girlfriend: he’s been attracted to men all the while.

So begins a summer of love and self-discovery for Alex and Leo. But before they can find bliss with each other, Alex must detach himself from his ex and Leo must unleash his “inner lion” to convince Alex’s oddball clique of friends that he’s a worthy suitor. “Alex and Leo” is a heartwarming romance whose international backdrop, colorful characters and irreverent humor will delight audiences around the world.

DVD extras will include outtakes and an alternate trailer.

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