Friday, May 27, 2011

Mindy Cohn 'lights up the screen' in 'Violet Tendencies'

Reviews for Violet Tendencies have been rolling in (the DVD came out this past Tuesday) and the critics have agreed on one thing: Mindy Cohn rocks as the lead.

The “Facts of Life” star takes a decidedly more risqué turn as Violet, a lovably raunchy middle-aged woman who struggles to distance herself from her adoring gay friends in order to nab a boyfriend. Below is a sampling of what critics are saying about Mindy’s performance. Let’s hope she takes a cue and shows more of her “adult” side on the big screen in the near future.

  • “Cohn is vibrant and funny and sensitive as the searching Violet and, admittedly much to my surprise, she's perfectly cast.” — The Independent Critic
  • “[Violet Tendencies] moves smartly and delivers outrageous one-liners with rapid-fire efficiency, particularly in the hands of ‘Facts of Life’ veteran Mindy Cohn, who tosses off vulgarisms with seasoned aplomb.” — Variety
  • “Mindy Cohn — you might remember her as Natalie from “The Facts of Life” — is likable as Violet, the profane yet rueful center of gravity among a group of younger gay men who are not inclined to share her.” — The New York Times
  • "Mindy Cohn is amazing here. You are in love with her from the single second she appears on screen. She is totally adorable, totally loveable, totally fabulous, and totally hilarious!” — The M Reporter
  • “[Cohn is] a gifted comedienne and actress and lights up the screen with every scene.” — Entertainment Focus
  • “this is The Cohn Show and here the girl does not disappoint” — Gay Celluloid
  • “Cohn's performance and those of the supporting cast are great.” — Movie Dearest
  • “funny and engaging thanks to Mindy Cohn’s delightfully charismatic performance and terrific comic timing as Violet” — NYC Movie Guru