Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Breaking Glass Pictures - Summer DVD Slate

It's getting hot outside and things are heating up at Breaking Glass as we prepare to release are upcoming summer DVD releases.  We've got something for everyone: from a psychological thriller to a gay 1980s period piece to a dark, high school coming-of-age tale:

June 12

  • Almost Kings: A high school coming of age story featuring a knockout cast of stars to watch (including Chronicle's Alex Russell).  When freshman Math whiz Ted joins his older brother Truck's gang of friends - who call themselves "The Kings" - he gets drawn into their competition to see who can sleep with the most freshman virgin girls. 
  • House of Boys: When high school runaway Frank arrives in Berlin in 1984, he's seduced by the wild nightlife and takes up residence at the famed gay burlesque house called the House of Boys.  Featuring Udo Kier in a scene-stealing role as the Madame of the House - plus a soundtrack full of 80s hits.  
  • You'll Know My Name: Two high schools guys in a south Jersey wasteland duke it out for a girl in this modern update of classic Western themes.  
July 3
  • The Casserole Club: In a 1960s suburb, a group of housewives decides to form a recipe club and hold regular dinners with their husbands to see who can make the best casserole.  But friendly competition soon turns to boozy flirtation and more than recipes end of getting swapped at their parties.  Featuring former Backstreet Boy Kevin Scott Richardson in a breakout role. 
  • GONE: The Disappearance of Aeryn Gillern: When police veteran Kathy Gilleran receives news that her son – a U.N. employee overseas in Vienna and a former Mr. Gay Austria – has disappeared, she’s outraged to learn that the Viennese police have ruled his case a suicide after only a brief investigation.  This haunting documentary follows Kathy as she sets out to find her son and uncover the true reasons behind the police’s failure complete a thorough investigation.
July 31
  • Scalene (available on DVD & Blu-ray): Emmy(r)-winner Margo Martindale (TV's Justified and Dexter) makes an indelible performance as the enraged mother of a mentally handicapped man who's been accused of rape in this psychological thriller told from three opposing perspectives.  

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